Witaj w świecie Charliego! Make yourself at home and smell the roses!


Dziś lekcja perfumowego angielskiego wieczorową porą. Mam dla Was mały dialog, w którym powtórzymy i utrwalimy poznane słówka i wyrażenia oraz poznamy nowe. Zatem zaczynamy. Powiedzmy, że Susan i Maggie spotykają się na kawie i tak sobie gaworzą...


S: So, what have you been up to recently?

M: I've been snowed under with this huge project at work for a couple of weeks but thanks god it's over now. I think I need to get myself a treat.

S: Like what?

M: New perfume, of course!

S: Sure! Silly me! So what did you have in mind?

M: I've been thinking of this new one from Elie Saab - Girl of Now. Have you tried it yet?

S: No. What's it like?

M: It smells ambrosial - sweet almonds, pistachio nuts, tonka beans... but I'm in two minds about getting a full bottle.

S: Why? It sounds like your kind of scent a lot - sweet and girlish. And the bottle is easy on the eye, too.

M: I know, I know but there are longevity issues on my skin. It's gone in under two hours.

S: But you can always reapply, can't you?

M: Sure can but I just want it to last longer. It's so scrumptious!

S: Well, let me know if you decide to get it. I might want a small decant, you know.

M: I'll decide once I've used up the sample they gave me with my last purchase. It's gonna be my SOTN tonight.

S: That's right. You bought Angel Muse as a retail therapy a month ago or so. Are you sure you need another candy scent?

M: Oh, c'mon!


Do kajetu zapisujemy poniższe wyrażenia:


*be snowed under - być zawalonym robotą

*a treat - prezent

*be in two minds about sth - wahać się

*easy on the eye - ładny, atrakcyjny

*longevity issues - problemy z trwałością

*decant - odlewka